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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Earn money from social media - Sphere Social

In today's tech savy world, a majority of us spend a lot of time on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. As on first quarter of 2018, Facebook has around 2.19 billions of monthly active users. It's even bigger than the European continent in terms of population. However, being active on Facebook didn't yield any income for the users and only the company is making profits in billions. Now it's time for a change as we see it. 

I'm sure you can already guess the project I am going to talk about from the logo. Yes, it's Sphere.cocial. It's not just another social network website. Here every user can make money for their daily social activities like creating updates, uploading pictures, commenting on someone's post or picture and everything else that we do on Facebook. The best part is that, it's free of cost for all. There is no payment required at all. Just register an account and you are good to start. 

However, if you think you will earn millions, that is not the case. The earning will be little at the initial stage but it will gradually increase as per the network you create. The more friends you have in Sphere, the more potential income you will get. 

You will get an idea on your potential income from the below tables as their reward mechanism is well defined. 

The credit here essentially means SAT or Social Activity Token. You will receive SAT for your every activity in Sphere. It is an ERC 20 enabled ETH based token which you can withdraw very easily by just filling up a google form available on the website. It is also listed on Yobit and Idex exchange with a decent amount of trading volume. 

So what are you waiting for? Register HERE and monetize your social media activities. 

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