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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Multiversum - 4th Generation Relational Blockchain (ICO Introduction)

About Us:
Multiversum technology pushes traditional blockchain beyond its current limits, by enhancing the data layer through self-verifying and distributed structures of organized data entities, related one to another by symbolic links. This technology set the foundations for a decentralized and distributed system of coherent self-verifying transactions: Multiversum blockchain. Multiversum allows, instead of the existing blockchain simple data model, the creation of a Relational Crypto Database (an advanced and organized data storage solution) which can handle not just a single data-type, but a series of data grouped in graphs of complex data structures related one another. Relations are now first class citizens of the blockchain and are assured by cryptographic methods. Each one of them, when a state change is requested, will have its own sub-chain splitting from the original branch, that will rejoin after the operation, in order to be validated.

A Multiverse of Possibilities:
We make use of a multicurrency wallet which boasts high security and reliability, and is rollback compliant, protecting users from scams, hackings and wrong transactions. External coins and tokens will be able to move freely on-chain, allowing for fast chain-to-chain interoperability. We also ensure low fees and the reliability common to every decentralized system. With our biometric data access, based on fingerprint and retina scan, the concept of password becomes obsolete. Finally, data sharding, and the existence of backup nodes in different continents, ensure survivability and self-recovery in case of global disaster.

Token details:
Token: MTV
Platform: ETH (ERC 20)
Whitepaper: Click Here
ICO: Ongoing (Visit website)
Official thread: Click Here
Bounty Thread: Click Here

Social Media: 


Andrea Taini: Founder, Technology

Michele Roscelli: Co-founder, Infrastructure & Integration

Matteo Monti: Co-founder, Social Media & Marketing

Matteo Peterlini: Co-founder, Art Director

Important Publications: 
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