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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Earn money from social media - Sphere Social

June 24, 2018 0
In today's tech savy world, a majority of us spend a lot of time on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. As on first quarter of 2018, Facebook has around 2.19 billions of monthly active users. It's even bigger than the European continent in terms of population. However, being active on Facebook didn't yield any income for the users and only the company is making profits in billions. Now it's time for a change as we see it. 

I'm sure you can already guess the project I am going to talk about from the logo. Yes, it's Sphere.cocial. It's not just another social network website. Here every user can make money for their daily social activities like creating updates, uploading pictures, commenting on someone's post or picture and everything else that we do on Facebook. The best part is that, it's free of cost for all. There is no payment required at all. Just register an account and you are good to start. 

However, if you think you will earn millions, that is not the case. The earning will be little at the initial stage but it will gradually increase as per the network you create. The more friends you have in Sphere, the more potential income you will get. 

You will get an idea on your potential income from the below tables as their reward mechanism is well defined. 

The credit here essentially means SAT or Social Activity Token. You will receive SAT for your every activity in Sphere. It is an ERC 20 enabled ETH based token which you can withdraw very easily by just filling up a google form available on the website. It is also listed on Yobit and Idex exchange with a decent amount of trading volume. 

So what are you waiting for? Register HERE and monetize your social media activities. 
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Saturday, June 23, 2018 - Creating innovation and value experience in E-commerce (ICO Review)

June 23, 2018 2
E-commerce is the need of today in this global economy.The Kart Block ecosystem is the turning point to the conventional marketing and sales industry where the primary focus was limited to product promotion and ad-revenues.

Kartblock connects people all around the world, trade goods without intermediaries, send and receive funds effortlessly. Kartblock marketplace will allow vendors to sell direct to customers with cryptocurrency.

Through the use of the block chain users retain their data, blockchain technology gives power back to the users. The result is consumer empowerment and unparalleled sales potential for retailers and advertisers.
Web presence
Explanatory Video
Kartblock has prepared a nice explanatory video to understand the e-commerce eco system they are building. I encourage everyone to see it to understand more about this project.
Kartblock Ecosystem
Decentralized/Blockchain Ecosystem is the technology layer of Kart Block ecosystem. This layer will be powered by the Ethereum blockchain network and native tokens will be standard ERC20 tokens. This layer will handle and record the payments, transactions, smart contracts, data verification, etc. through Hyperledger.

The Kart Block ecosystem at its core is a combination of e-commerce platform, digital wallet, and Tokenized reward mechanism. A simple yet powerful idea behind this ecosystem is directly rewarding the customers/users for their valuable contribution to the Kart Block platform, without the need for any middlemen. This reward will be in the form of a cryptocurrency (Kart Block Token).

The picture below explains the basic process flow of Kart Block ecosystem,
Three pillars of Kartblock
 1. Digital wallet:
The digital wallet will serve as the entry of users to this ecosystem. It will be used to store the Kart Tokens as rewards and use this crypto currency as required by the user. 

2. Kart Block e-commerce:
This component will be like any other e-commerce platform available today. The marketplace will be powered by vendors and their products for sell. Only the major underlying difference will be that the customers, as well as, the users will be rewarded with Kart Tokens for their actions. This platform will run atop the blockchain layer to maintain trust and transparency. 

3. Kart Block Tokens:
This is the native cryptocurrency of the Kart Block ecosystem. It is the standard ERC20 token and will be used to provide incentives to the users, merchants and the customers (For e.g. adding new users/merchants, updating profiles, purchasing products via Kart Block etc.).
Core technology and blockchain integration
Kart Block ecosystem can be divided into two parts as below, 

1. Centralized ecosystem/layer:
The centralized layer of Kart Block ecosystem will govern its Android and iOS app, and its website. This layer will run over the base layers, i.e. blockchain layer. For proper functioning, maintenance and updating of this interface systems, they are kept under the company's control, and open-ended development will be allowed in the future. 

2. Decentralized/Blockchain Ecosystem: 
This will be core-soul technology layer of Kart Block ecosystem. This layer will be powered by the Ethereum blockchain network and native tokens will be standard ERC20 tokens. This layer will handle and record the payments, transactions, smart contracts, data verification, etc. through Hyperledger.
Industry partnership
KartBlock being a new player in the market, already struck partnerships with 3 other market players namely, Wishknish, Nobar and Iame. The details of these partnerships are available in their blog and the links are given below,

Token financials
Token symbol: KART
Smart contract: Ethereum ERC 20
Token type: Utility
Token price: 1 ETH for 14,925 KART + applicable bonus
Minimum purchase: 0.01 ETH
hard cap: 26,800 ETH
Token supply: 1 billion in two phases
ICO status: Private sale live with 60% bonus
What we think about
Branding: (1 out of 1)
Kartblock ICO is branded well with sufficient amount of technical details and token information. The whitepaper is well written and bifurcated into all important aspects of the project. We are awarding 1 out of 1 in this parameter. 

Office address and registration: (2 out of 2)
The holding company of Kartblock ICO is registered in Dubai Free Zone. The registration details is as below,

License Number: 1803180.01
Registered Address: Office 10, Level 1, Sharjah Media City, Sharjah, UAE

We have also checked this details with the Sharjah business directory through and found the details are true. The picture below is captured from the Sharjah business directory page. 
We didn't find any anomalies in the details provided by the ICO team and hence we are awarding full marks in this parameter.  

Working product: (0 out of 1)
Kart Block doesn't yet have a working product available for market tasting. As per the road map updated in the ICO website, the MVP will be available by third quarter of 2018. So we are unable to award any marks in this parameter as of now. However, the rating will be updated once the MVP is available and tested by our team members. 

Team and LinkedIn profiles: (1.92 out of 3)
The KartBlock team consists of total 21 members out of which, 13 are the core team members and 8 are advisors. We have contacted few of them randomly to ensure the legitimacy and authenticity of these profiles and we didn't find any issue there. 

Number of connections: (0.69 our of 1)
Out of 13 core team members, we have found only 4 team members with less than 500 connections. Since there is now other way to judge the age of a LinkedIn profile, we assume the number of connections as one of the validations parameters. 

Profile picture: (0.85 out of 1)
We have personally visited each of these 13 profiles and found only 2 member accounts without any profile pictures. Rest all are matching with the published ICO team page and LinkedIn profiles. 

Mention of Kart Block: (0.38 out of 1)
Out of 13 core team members, we have found total 8 members without any mention of Kart Block ICO on their professional profile. We consider this is a very serious parameter to validate the legitimacy of an ICO.  

Business feasibility: (1.7 out of 2)
Kart Block is essentially trying to build a complete e-commerce ecosystem which will be active globally by effectively eliminating the need of intermediaries using the blockchain technology. It is easier said than done and requires a lot of investment and time to make it successfully operational. 

E-commerce is a trillion dollars economy worldwide and the market is beings handled by a few known players through its centralized operation hubs. Implementing blockchain technology in this environment will bring in a lot of new opportunities as well as help expanding the horizon. We see a lot of opportunities in this platform which may help Kart Block to reach new heights within few years of operation. We are awarding 1.7 out of 1 in this parameter. 

Our rating: (0.7 out of 1)
Even though we see a lot of opportunities in the sector Kart Block is aiming to disrupt, we must also factor in some of the risk areas like logistics and import/export taxes while assessing the potential of this ICO. Operational challenges will be there and we sincerely hope that Kart Block team will be able to overcome these challenges with their expertise. After much deliberation within our team, we have decided to award 0.7 out of 1 in this parameter. 

Final verdict: (7.32 out of 10)
After detailed analysis and study of the ICO, the Best ICO team has decided to award 7.32 out of total 10 points. Overall, Kart Block looks a decent ICO to us and we wish all success to Kar Block in this competition intensive market. 

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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Pixel - World's first stable coin for global charity project (ICO Review)

June 02, 2018 1

Pixel - real cryptocurrency which provides new, modern payment tool, being fast, confidential, stable, simple and understandable to everyone! Pixel ensures you will never loose your money due to the fall in the exchange rate, furthermore you will never again experience difficulties when transferring money back to fiat money. Pixel is a payment mechanism, devoid of all weaknesses of traditional cryptocurrencies. And most importantly, anyone can contribute in charity, without spending their money! Watch the explanatory video below,
Web presence
How Pixel works
  1. You transfer your desired amount in the US dollars using any available payment option to confirm the participation in this project. 
  2. You will receive the equivalent in Pixel (PXL), which will be transferred to your Pixel Wallet at the exchange rate of 1PXL = 1USD. 
  3. The money received from you will be placed into the deposit of a bank. The interest accrued by the bank on deposits will be transferred to a charitable foundation with a world wide reputation. 
  4. Funds on deposit will stay untouched! Representatives of investors who made a purchase of the tokens and representatives of the charity funds will be able to have a constant control over the state of deposit. 
  5. All those who contributed the charity project, at any time can quit and exchange their pixels (PXL) back to US dollars at a fixed rate of 1PXL = 1USD. 
  6. Pixels can be transferred from one participant to another participant, as a whole or in parts. 
  7. Exchange rate is fixed, a transaction fee of one transaction - only 0.05% from the transaction amount is charged. Will be decreased 0.02%. To know more, see the whitepaper.
To understand the working principle of Pixel Charity, please see the video below,

Token financial
Name: Pixel Crowd Sale Token
Symbol: PXLT
Max. emission: 20 million
Minimum token sale price: $0.75
Maximum token sale price: $1
Update: Token sale period extended up to 31st August, 2018
What we think about Pixel Charity
Branding: (1 out of 1)
Pixel Charity scores excellent in this parameter. One look at the website and the explanatory video will tell the same story. The business plan and the technical details are well written and easy to understand. We didn't find any reason to deducts score in this parameter.

Office address and Registration: (2 out of 2)
The Pixel Charity ICO is registered as 314xel Inc. in the City of Belize, Central America. The registration number of the company is 168 620 and the registered address is,

2118 Guava Street, Belama Phase 1 
P.O. Box 1920, Belize City, 
Belize, Central America

We have checked the local business directory of Belize and found the information is true. You can use the below website to search for it,

So we are awarding full marks in this parameter. 

Working product: (NA for this ICO) 
Given the nature of this ICO, this particular parameter is valid for it. It is stable coin project where your investment will earn interest through conventional bank deposit and given to charity while keeping your initial investment safe. Since they are not building up a product, this parameter is not applicable for this ICO. 

Credentials: (1 out of 1)
Pixel Charity has already entered into a partnership with one of the biggest names in the charity fund organizer sector "Mercy for children". The news about the partnership is already present in the website of the "Mercy for children". The link is given below,

The agreement can also be seen below, 

Pixel Charity is also pursuing other charity fund organizers as mentioned in their website. They are expecting to have the agreements executed within a short while. We will publish a separate news as and when more agreements are signed. 

Team and LinkedIn profiles: (1.93 out of 3)
Pixel Charity team consists of 16 core team members and one advisor. We have contacted few of them randomly to ensure the legitimacy and authenticity of these profiles and we didn't find any issue there. 

1. Number of connections: (0 out of 1)
We have checked each and every profile carefully and found that none of these profiles have 500+ connections. On the flipside, majority of the profiles have only 25 - 30 connections. So no marks in this parameter. 

2. Profile pictures: (0.93 out of 1)
Out of 16 profiles, we found only one profile without any profile pictures. So we are awarding 0.93 out of 1 in this parameter. 

3. mention of Pixel Charity: (1 out of 1)
This one parameter, Pixel Charity left no place for discrepancy. The mention of Pixel Charity is present in all 16 profiles along with their current positions. So 1 out of 1. 

Business feasibility: (1.5 out of 2)
Before we talk about this parameter, let us clarify that we always try to understand the business proposal of an ICO from a layman's perspective because not every investor is a tech geek who would understand the technical terminologies. So we always try to assess an ICO by comparing it with a real world business or scenario. 

First understand that, Pixel charity is introducing two tokens in the market instead of one.

PXL - is stable token, which will be used as a confirmation of participation in Pixel Charity. Alpha launch of network in June 2018.

PXLT - is security token which can be sold during Pixel Charity ICO. When ICO finishes, PXLT will be available on Exchange markets (July 2018).

Pixel Charity is planning to build up a charity system where investors will not make the charity directly. Rather, the donations will be made from the interest earned on the invested money.

Pixel network will apply a transaction fee of 0.05% without limitations to amount of transactions of PXL. These funds will be used to support network, private mining clusters, third party app developers support and marketing campaigns to promote Pixel Network.

PXLT holders will have 10% of network transaction fees as ICO investor dividends. After end-of-the-year report all PXLT token holders will receive dividends as ETH or PXL equivalents.

Also being a stable coin, PXL will have many other uses like trading, merchant payment and any other functionalities that a stable coin can perform. So Pixel is bringing another stable coin to the market with a twist of charity to support lives around the world. 

We are awarding 1.5 out of 2 in the parameter. 

Our rating: (0.6 out of 1)
Pixel Charity was listed on our blog last week but due to our lengthy research and due diligence process we could not complete it within the timeline. However, after thorough research, Best ICO team decided to award 0.6 out of 1 to

Final verdict: (8.03 out of 10)
Overall, Pixel Charity looks like a good proposition to the investors who are willing to invest in stable coins as well as earn money as royalty. So after all possible additions and deductions on the merit of the ICO, we have decided to award 8.03 out of total 10 points.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Introducing nCrypt Club EcoSystem!

May 16, 2018 0
nCrypt Club is a blockchain EcoSystem, a token-based service that aims to combine four big aspects in the crypto space: Trading platform, Banking features in the form of debit cards that will allow users to pay or withdraw their cryptocurrencies worldwide, Mining operations using green energy sources and referral program.

Website url:

nCrypt Trading will be a multi-language platform that works on all devices and with no transaction fees, yes you read it right, ZERO transaction fees. And if this is not enough nCrypt will also provide on their platform a various number of trading bots, Meetup and Conferences, Tutorials, Mobile App

nCrypt Debit cards!
If you are in the crypto space for some while, you know that sometimes it's hard to spend your crypto assets on a daily basis or exchange them for fiat. Ncrypt has this vision to bring this "dream" to life and make possible spending your cryptocurrency in your daily life and at any retailer worldwide. With multiple tokens support, instant fiat conversion and global access.

nCrypt Mining
The mining operations consist in building large transportable containers to be delivered and connected to the cheapest energy source, and that is green energy. Miners will be custom-built, easy to transport, remotely maintained and with a custom cooling system that will achieve excellent power efficiency. The whole Ncrypt EcoSystem idea assures that 100% of the companies profit will be divided to their token holders. Working hard around the clock with a dedicated team, they are focused to deliver and start the ICO pre sale. nCrypt Club aims to become an indispensable ecosystem in the relationship between the new blockchain based, decentralized financial system and future daily life by bringing it all together under the same roof.

nCrypt Referral
Last but not least we have a referral system where you can make extra money by simply inviting your friends to our program and  have a passive income


Andronie Loren Minel
Founder & CEO nCrypt Club
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article!
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Saturday, May 12, 2018

FreeMark - Asset backed stable-coin lets you earn royalties for owning (ICO Review)

May 12, 2018 0
FreeMark - Asset backed digital currency engineered for global use. The secure FreeMark is a medium of exchange engineered to preserve the purchasing power of your wealth. Unlike other currencies, it is backed by real assets. As the money supply grows, you earn royalties for owning the FreeMark. 
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Weekly news highlights from Crypto Industry - May 12, 2018

May 12, 2018 0
Dear readers, we hope you all are doing just fine. We were not able to publish much posts during last two weeks because we are busy with developing the platform and on the way to forming some new partnership. We will soon welcome few more team members to work for us and we will announce it during this weekend only. In the meantime, please take a look at the new ICOs added to our list. Please remember, that we don't accept all ICOs that approaches us. We do our due diligence before we accept any ICO in our list. 
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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Bigbom Eco - Decentralized Advertising Ecosystem (ICO Review)

May 05, 2018 1
Bigbom Eco - Decentralized Advertising Ecosystem.

Bigbom Eco is a decentralized advertising ecosystem for all parties involved in online advertising, including advertising, content publishers and advertising channels. Bigbom Eco is developed using smart contracts, running on the Ethereum blockchain and Tomochain. All connected data via Bigbom Eco is transparent, accurate, autonomous and immutable when data is posted on blockchain.
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Monday, April 30, 2018 - 1st Digital Bank to fuse Islamic Banking Module with Blockchain Technology

April 30, 2018 0
BANKING. AS IT SHOULD BE. Here at Hada DBank, we aim to be different from conventional banking. In fact, we are the First Digital Bank to fuse Islamic Banking Module with Blockchain Technology. Islamic Banking is not just for Muslims. It’s for everyone. It represents something  –  Transparency and Risk sharing.
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Sunday, April 29, 2018 - SCAM ALERT!!

April 29, 2018 2
Dear readers, here is another scam alert for you! That's why we support government regulations on ICO. The website details are as follows, 

ANN thread:
Bounty thread:

First, take a look at their website and specially to the team details. The below is what they have mentioned as their leadership team. Click on the picture to view it in full size, 

Today morning, Shane McQuilan shared in his LinkedIn profile that he is not associated with Zenith Card project in any way. He is mentioned as Strategy Director of the company. See his post below,

See the sreenshot of the post,

Then on the same post, we see Mr. Hugo Hellebuyck confirming that he is also not involved in this project. See the screenshot of that comment below, 

We tried to reach the other two persons mentioned in the leadership role, but couldn't get their confirmation within a short period of time. So once we get a reply from them, we will update in the comments sections below. 

Stay away from!

We have receive reply from Ms. Benedetta Milani who is being shown as Chief marketing Officer of Zenith Card. She confirms that she is not associated with this project and her name is used without her consent. See the screenshot of our chat, 

We are still waiting to be connected with Ms. Miruim Neubauer. However, when 3 out of 4 people being shown as owners of the project denied their association, you know the odds. Also the website has been taken down by their hosting provider now. 

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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Room DAO - Blockchain based solutions for Travellers and Small Suppliers (ICO Review)

April 26, 2018 0
RoomDao - Huge solutions for travellers and small suppliers! RoomDao is a universal helper for travellers that's fixing most of issues. The ICO is now open for investment and pre-sale is ongoing! So act now to get a huge discount!
Web presence & Social Media
Why we need Room DAO
It is very difficult for small local companies to get an access to large sites, aggregators such as EXPIDIA.COM and BOOKING.COM. On the other hand, local companies are very customer-oriented, offer much better terms, a wider choice of services and better prices.

Also, due to the fact that, unlike large aggregators, ROOMDAO does not take any commissions travelers will be able to order, and suppliers provide. Travel services are much cheaper, with savings of up to 20%: Expedition — 21%, — 23%!

This principle will reduce travel expenses, increase local companies revenues and increase the popularity of the ROOMDAO platform. ROOMDAO unites in itself a booking system for real estate, rent cars, transfers, excursions and travel insurance without intermediaries, allowing you to choose a tourist service for every taste and budget.

Room DAO platform features

Broad choice:
Full range of touristic services in one place. Property for lease, Property exchange Car rent, Guides, Taxis, Tours, Directories of sights, restaurants, bars and other useful information

First hand communication:
0% fee Money value up to 30% due to no fees and intermediates. Communicate directly via a user-friendly chat or make video call via our internal messenger.

Rating system: 
Decentralized rating system allows clients to choose the best market offer, while lessors and service providers could easily control their quality. Every rating, review and comment is written down to a blockchain, ensuring no modifications, editing.

Easy-to-use payment system:
Convert any crypto or fiat currency into ROOMDAO coin in Your online account. Pay for any services in ROOMDAO coins and get extra bonuses and cash-backs in the frame of our loyalty system.

Monetize your activity:
Gain bonuses and incentives in ROOMDAO coins for:
— Registration
— Published services and offers
— Recommendations, ratings
— Reviews, articles and travel notes.
Monetize your activity!

Safety & reliability:
We use blockchain technology to ensure your privacy safety. ROOMDAO includes:
— Smart-contracts in all transactions
— Private data storage
— Internal wallets data storage
— Reviews and ratings decentralized data storage
Why do we need RDC token
The ROOMDAO platform will offer its users a wide range of services allowing more benefits whilst their travel planning. All these services can be paid with ROOMDAO coin Token. ROOMDAO coin Tokens are ERC20 utility tokens for the blockchain-based marketplace with smart contracts. ROOMDAO coin Token helps to improve the efficiency of digital tourism marketplace. Any platform member can start using the ROOMDAO coin tokens payment system after the registration.

Also platform users will be able to additionally earn ROOMDAO coins by listing a hospitality premises (a house for sharing or exchange/a car for rent/other assets) and getting awards for platform internal activities (posting feedback/adding scores).

Having an opportunity to make promotions of own assets on the global marketplace supported by ROOMDAO coins, every platform member becomes an important and active influencer of the tourism economy.
Benefits of RDC Token
1. Token holders will get access to secure smart-contracts and safe open-source public blockchain-based platform of distributed ledger and smart contracting.

2. Assets owners will not be charged commission fees and will gain greater profit than competitors who would continue using typical centralized platforms.

3. Any webmaster will be able to see all transactions made trough a transaction identificational link as recorded by the blockchain.

4. Long-term ROOMDAO coin holders and active users of the platform will be rewarded for their time and effort.

5. Only 60 000 000 tokens will by distributed and all unsold tokens will be burned.

6. Users can buy RDC at platform with VISA.
Token Financials
Token name: RDC
Description: Utility token
Platform: ERC 20
Quantity: 60 000 000 with limitation to issue more tokens
Exchange rate: 1 ETHEREUM = 3000 ROOMDAO coin

Private sale: Completed

Presale: April 20th, 2018 - May 20th, 2018
Hardcap: 2 000 ETH
20.04.18 — 24.04.18 + 27%
25.04.18 — 28.04.18 + 20%
29.04.18 — 20.05.18 + 10%

Public token sale: July 1st, 2018 - July 30th, 2018
Softcap: 5000 ETH
Hardcap: 10 000 ETH
01.07.18 — 04.07.18 — 20%
05.07.18 — 12.07.18 — 15%
13.07.18 — 30.07.18 — 10%

All unsold tokens will be burned on August 5th, 2018.
(click on the picture to see in full-size)
The brilliant minds behind this project
What we think about Room Dao
Branding: (1 out of 1)
The branding of Room Dao is world class! The website is superbly designed and the information are placed in clear and concise way. The mission statement is also clear and to give the information about current issue and what Room Dao is preparing to solve. Full marks in this parameter as there is no place to decuct any!

Office address & registration: (1 out of 2)
The company RoomDao Ltd. is located in 6100, Batumi, Kobaladze street 4,  Georgia 1054 as per the information provided by one of the company representatives. However, we could not verify the registration details of the company as there is no centralized company directory available for Georgia. We found that the company address is neither mentioned anywhere in their ICO website nor in their whitepaper. This is the address we have received from their company representative through email. So we are considering the address as not verified and awarding 1 out of 2 in this parameter. 

Working product/MVP: (1.8 out of 2)
Room Dao has already introduced their MVP for the consumers to check. It is available through So I encourage everyone to visit the platform and check the test functionalities. The platform looks really great and we sincerely hope it will become one of the major players in travel and tourism industry shortly. 

Social profiles: (1.5 out of 2)
Room Dao has a team of total 18 members, out of which 10 are their advisers. We have personally checked each and every profile listed in the website. We have seen there are few profiles that didn't show any information about their association with Room Dao, so we contacted them and found out they are indeed associated with the ICO project. We are awarding 1.5 out of 2 in this parameter. 

Business feasibility: (1.7 out of 2)
Room Dao is aiming at trillion dollar travel & tourism industry. After reading their whitepaper thoroughly, we are convinced that the team is well informed about the current issues of this industry and has a rock-solid plan to disrupt the ongoing industry with a solid solution using blockchain technology. Even though this particular industry is already captured by some big names like or, we see an immense possibility for Room Dao to capture a fair share by their innovative solution. We know that it is not an easy task but not impossible as well. So we are awarding 1.8 out of 2 in this parameter. 

Our rating: (0.9 out of 1)
Room Dao looks like a good ICO project to us. After seeing their strong and experienced team and the true potential of business, we have decided to award 0.9 out of 1 in this parameter. 

Final verdict: (7.9 out of 10)
After thorough research and analysis, Best ICO team decided to award 6.7 out of 10. However, once the MVP is available, the rating can certainly improve. So keep watching for updates!
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BestICO does not encourage investing in any ICOs published on the platform. Please make sure to do your own research before investing money into Initial Coin Offerings. All content on BestICO is meant to be used for information purposes only, and should not be taken as financial or investment advice.

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